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Art Blakey - Essential Works: 1954-1960 - 2LP

Art Blakey - Essential Works: 1954-1960 - 2LP

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Excellent work show of the legendary jazz drummer Art Blakey, who always broke new ground and further developed jazz. LP 1 gives an insight into his extraordinary drumming skills, LP 2 shows inventiveness and rhythmic sense of an exceptional musician who never denied his African origin.

A1 Moanin'
A2 Doodlin'
A3 Ecaroh
B1 Des Femmes Disparaissent - Generique
B2 Des Femmes Disparaissent - Blues For Vava
B3 Des Femmes Disparaissent - Ne Chuchote Pas
B4 Les Liaisons Dangereuses - No Hay Problema
B5 Night Watch
C1 Buhaina Chant
C2 Split Skins
D1 A Night In Tunisia
D2 The Sacrifice

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