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William Onyeabor - World Psychedelic - 3LP

William Onyeabor - World Psychedelic - 3LP

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A Real Classic!

“...anyone out there making music at the moment will be quite excited by this...” Damon Albarn

“...a synth-slathered prog-funk killer...” - Pitchfork

"talk to @LuakaBop about details of the William Onyeabor comp they are working on today... gonna blow minds!!!!!!!!!” - Four Tet

1. Body and Soul
2. Atomic Bomb
3. Good Name
4. Something You Will Never Forget
5. Why Go To War
6. Love Is Blind
7. Heaven and Hell
8. Let’s Fall in Love
9. Fantastic Man
10. When the Going is Smooth & Good
11. The Way to Win Your Love
12. Jungle Gods
13. Love Me Now

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