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Bongo Joe

Rahman Mammadli - Azerbaijani Gitara Vol. 2 - LP

Rahman Mammadli - Azerbaijani Gitara Vol. 2 - LP

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We present "Azerbaijani Gitara vol. 2" by Rahman Mammadli, the eagerly awaited sequel to Bongo Joe's acclaimed debut with Rüstam Quliyev. Azerbaijani gitara culture originated in the vibrant streets of Baku and has evolved into a fascinating blend of indigenous traditions and global influences. From the oil boom era to Soviet rule, musicians have embraced the electric guitar as a symbol of cultural expression. Rahman Mammadli, a legend in his own right, revolutionized the sound with his innovative techniques and passionate performances. Inspired by Mugham music, Mammadli's compositions feature soul-stirring melodies and electrifying solos.

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