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My Ugly Clementine - Vitamin C - LP

My Ugly Clementine - Vitamin C - LP

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This supergroup from Vienna is really serious about one thing: having fun! MY UGLY CLEMENTINE create a more than contemporary Dust off the guitar with vitamin-rich borrowings from the 90s indie/college rock era.

A post-punk approach here, irresistible pop hooks there, strong, serious messages - and still a sing-along chorus and a smile on your lips.

Mastermind Sophie Lindinger (Leyya) got prominent support for My Ugly Clementine from Mira Lu Kovacs (5K HD, Schmied's Puls), Kathrin Kolleritsch (Kerosin95) and Nastajsa Ronck (Lucid Kid) and since the band's "invention" in 2019 she has also been inspiring on club and festival stages - most recently at the Reeperbahn Festival or Eurosonic.
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