Ilta Hämärä - Origo - 12"

Ilta Hämärä - Origo - 12"

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Big Tip! *240 copies limited edition* Audio dream directors Timo van Luijk (Af Ursin, Elodie) and Bart de Paepe (Sloow Tapes, Sylvester Anfang II) played as Ilta Hämärä on a MiMa night in Rotterdam (NL) in 2016. It was the day before Kraak fest, and they had a tour tape with them. A great night, as so many MiMa nights. Timeless Reality, featuring Family Underground, were also on the bill and on fire too: passport losing lo fi stoner garage. The toilet was broken, so everybody had to go to Hostel de Mafkees around the corner when nature called. Timo and Bart played a Paris, Texas-set, or …

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