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V/A - Hallo Zayaendo - LP

V/A - Hallo Zayaendo - LP

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In 2016, the Japanese Duo Tenniscoats (Saya and Takashi Ueno ) visited Munich for the first time to play at the Alien Disko Festival, invited by the band the Notwist. In the japanese-bavarian bar Nomina Saya and Ueno listened and joined the acoustic brass-string-combo Hochzeitskapelle (Markus Acher and his brother Micha are also members), who use to play in between people in restaurants, on the street, on boats, etc ...but only on a real stage, if they have to. Inspired by this evening, Saya founded the brass-band Zayaendo back home in Tokyo, together with her friend Satomi Endo, who pl …

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