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Times New Viking - Dig Yourself - LP

Times New Viking - Dig Yourself - LP

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Remixed and reconfigured by Mike Rep (Guided By Voices, Mike Rep And the Quotas). What you have here is a collection of songs found on the various shrine cassettes. They've all been lovingly fucked with my Mr. Mike Rep, (the man behind the lo-fi genius of Guided By Voices' Propeller and Get Out of My Stations among other things) and as the old saying goes the proof is in the pudding.


1 Lion& Oil
2 Statue, Pt. 2 (A Monument and It's Muse, a Love Story)
3 Skull Versus Wizard
4 Statue, Pt. 1
5 Not High
6 We Got Rocket
7 Natural Resources, I Love Mine
8 Dance Walhalla
9 Indian Winter
10 Fashion to Talk About the Moon
11 Fuck Books

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