Glutamat - Sturm der Herzen - LP

Glutamat - Sturm der Herzen - LP

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Why should there be answers, when nobody even knows if there is any question? The thirteen songs of Glutamat´s new, fifth album are a further development of the bands cheerful little dance with peoples gullibility. Storm of the Hearts – the title says it all. Does it? No, you get no fancy pop kitsch here, instead you´ll find crude three-minute garage stompers, weird krautrock excursions and lovesongs full of insincere feelings and deadly endings. Ambiguity is the name of the game, diversity the album´s style. But yeah, you can dance that stuff. More than ever before, Glutamat have extended their musical range, blowing all these forms, words and signs into a mess of noisy, arty underground sounds. Poisonous, precise and refreshing.

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