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BAD WEED - Bad Weed - LP

BAD WEED - Bad Weed - LP

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Vienna’s number one blitz pop band BAD WEED are ready to present their debut album. They craft infectious power pop with a heavy dose of early UK sound in their veins, a must listen for all fans whose hearts beat faster at the mention of the Buzzcocks, Exploding Hearts, or the Nerves. But not only scene connoisseurs will get their money’s worth — with their turbo charged high energy power pop, this Vienna trio have a flair for first-rate melodies and harmonies. Their blitz pop puts song structures from the Shangri-La’s by way of Alex Chilton with a dash of GG Allin through a meat grinder, layered with lyrics about the personal and collective alienation of our times, resulting in a catchy version of modern garage punk.

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