Wolfgang Möstl has long since evolved from his underground status as a crazy guitar freak into a serious pop producer. With his new release arriving in fall 2018, Wolfgang Möstl invites listeners to glimpse into his private archives. The four-part song collection ‘’HDD BACKUP’’ impressively conveys the wide-ranging sound universe W.M. inhabits, floating almost like an astronaut.

You can trace the transition from his early low-fi shenanigans into an international pop sound, a development which hinges heavily on Möstl’s penchant for experimentation and fiddling around. On the double LP, songs which haven’t yet appeared on an album meet new tracks and rare live recordings.

limited double-vinyl with OBI-Strip + download-code


Voyage (digital release)

Dive Down (digital release)

Light Ltd (digital release)

So Gross (released on 'Sub Bleibt' Sampler)

She Is Quite Alright (digital release)

From 1050 with Love (previously unreleased)

Dig Deep (digital release)


Blast Into (previously unreleased)

Settle Down (previously unreleased)

Well Done (previously unreleased)

Howl (previously unreleased)

No Sure Thing (previously unreleased)

Once Bad (previously unreleased)

On Focus (previously unreleased)


Call Us Rats (released on Fettkakao Sampler)

Exterminate Something (released on Single Stringer)

Uma (previously unreleased)

Praised Old Time (released on Bloodstorm 02)

I Thought I Could Remember (released on Brando EP)

Hands Up (released on Brando EP)

Homebound and Secure (released on Brando EP)


Thee Favours (released on Single Stringer)

Tyre (previously unreleased)

July (previously unreleased)

Shocking Truth (previously unreleased)

Legendario Gruppo (previously unreleased)

Once You’re Watering (released on SOS Tape Wsmtml)

Swing Back to Me (Live at Sargfabrik Vienna) (previously unreleased)

Mile Me Deaf - HDD Backup - 2LP

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