• V/A - The Best of Krautrock - 2LP

A trip back in time: The Best of Krautrock double vinyl (180g)!!! As the 1960s were drawing to a close, major changes in German music came about: musicians felt it was time to get involved in modern music, i.e. rock, pop, electronica, to name but a few. First results were reviewed, naturally, in a fairly derogatory manner. British experts coined the phrase "Krautrock". But what started out as a slur eventually became a label for music which had a quality of its own - and many different styles and genres united under that label, from psychedelic rock to electronic avant-garde. The vinyl sampler "The Best of Krautrock" attempts to shed light on "Krautrock" with all its different fascinating facets, and features Krautrock greats like Guru Guru, Birth Control, Wallenstein, Witthüser & Westrupp, Floh de Cologne, Popol Vuh, Emtidi, and Hölderlin.

In keeping with the Zeitgeist, this compilation comes your way as a double lp vinyl (180g)!!!

V/A - The Best of Krautrock - 2LP

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