• Voiler - 000 - Tape

With a sweet and bitter kiss on sweaty hands Voiler takes us through deserted wastelands and the cool depth of foggy woods deep into the rush of a pulsing beat and discomforting desires. Beyond a veil of ecstatic synths there’s metal pounding down on a hot blade while on the horizon giant creatures or machines are dashing through faded landscapes. We are whipped out of the binary and spread across a dim color spectrum where a broken dance lures us with a promise of bliss. Voiler picks us up and crashes us down seeking care and cruelty, comfort and confrontation, oscillating between liberation and control.

rose-pink cassette, 100 copies only

Voiler - 000 - Tape

  • Labels Cut Surface
  • Product Code: CS029
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 7.50€

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