• Schrecken & Peter Kutin - The Trouble With Being Born - LP

David Schweighart (aka Schrecken) and Peter Kutin composed the original music for Sandra Wollner's new feature film - The trouble with being born - which had it’s world premiere at the Berlinale Filmfestival 2020 and received the 'Special Jury Award'. 

Multiinstrumentalist David Schweighart composed singer-songwriter material in his well-known quality and virtuosity, confirming his status as one of Vienna’s top-secret songwriters. The lyrics always refer directly to the theme of the film. If you have seen the movie, you will be able to hear and understand the lyrics quite differently - then the mood suddenly darkens and a previously cheesy love song suddenly becomes a horror vision.


Peter Kutin, whose works and compositions often combine several media branches (he is the winner of 2019’s Golden Nica for Soundart at Ars electronica Festival) delivered the detailed, abstract, electronic sound-worlds and sequences. Kutin puts the focus on the timbres. Only rarely and for short glimpses he makes use of harmonic figues. Detached from the image, these tracks unfold an idiosyncratic aura and an elusive vortex for the attentive listener.

In direct collaboration the duo also created some tracks that manage to connect both of these sonic-worlds in a miraculous way. Already the opening track sounds as embracing as strange at the same time, whilst The Void opens an industrial field. 

In general this soundtrack lives from the interchange of experimental electronic music and classical song structures. The songs appear like islands to hold on to, in a world that has become difficult to grasp. And they appear only to be broken again. In a film about 'the disappearance of reality, about memories which are the only things to grasp on, about troublesome relationship...unsettling as any sci-fi tale should be' (Carlo Chatrian, Festival Director Berlinale), this seems only too conclusive. 

Despite the heterogeneity of the material, Schrecken and Peter Kutin managed to compose a coherent and multi-faceted concept album that includes numbers to kneel down and run away with. And like any good soundtrack, the music will gain quality once you have seen the movie.

Schrecken & Peter Kutin - The Trouble With Being Born - LP

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