• Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger - Ha Ha Ha - LP

"Didi Kern and Philipp Quehenberger´s new album is a big new step in the Viennese duos development and highlights fresh aspects of their continuous work together. 

From the very first track on, the listener is pulled into a maelstrom of post-psychedelic synth lines and glowing drums that exudes an ever increasing sense of stoic eccentricity and existential unease. The synths and drums work together seamlessly through swirling build-ups and breaks, and with the deep Spacefunk of „Zoning Out“ or the wonky Electro of „Hopfunhouse“ the album also shows that even at lower speeds the music loses none of its otherworldly appeal.

Carefully circling patterns create hypnotic atmospheres, only to fall apart and reconfigure ambiguously and ever more seductively throughout the tracks. The title track „Ha Ha Ha“, featuring vocals by Didi Kern leads into brilliant Disco territory, reminiscent of Dinosaur L`s Postpunk futurism. „What About Tomorrow“ reminds us that you can always count on these two guy`s knack for energetic, technoid goings-on. They display a sense of control on „Ha Ha Ha“ that makes the record very compact, and while offering new repertoire, remain as eclectic and visionary as ever.“                                                                                               (Christian Egger)

A1 – Crowd Pleaser

A2 – Hopfunhouse

A3 – Just Don’t

B1 – Ha Ha Ha

B2 – What About Tomorrow?

B3 – Zoning Out

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Didi Kern & Philipp Quehenberger - Ha Ha Ha - LP

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