Author: Barbara Kapusta

Publisher: Gianni Manhattan

Language: English


The publication "The 8 and the Fist" brings together the most important texts and poems of Barbara Kapusta’s artistic work. Barbara Kapusta is concerned with verbal and non-verbal language and the communication between persons and things. Her work explores the relationship between the material character of objects and the physical existence of the observer. The texts contained in The Fist and the 8 – Poem of U, The Bracket and The O, The O and the Zero, and The Things´ Poem – were written between 2014 and 2016. The 8 and the Fist is part of the installation work of the same name, which was shown at Gianni Manhattan in Vienna from January 21 to March 4 2017.

The book was designed by Swiss graphic designer Sabo Day. Each of the texts received the same amount of pages, regardless of the actual length of the text. This resulted in an irregular number of empty pages between the poems, thus utilising the physical space between them as a form of flat organization. The title font was co-designed by Barbara Kapusta and Sabo Day and bears the name Punch.

Barbara Kapusta - The 8 And The Fist

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