• Landscape Izuma - Kolorit - CD

Landscape Izuma is Tran Lap Vinh Georg. An Austrian by birth with Vietnamese roots, he

decided to produce and perform solo after playing with various bands. “Kolorit”, Landscape

Izuma’s debut album, takes its cue from the intimacy of the “Red House Painters”, “Bedhead”

or “Low”, but also strives for soundscapes of the newer kind, like “Owen” or “American

Analog Set”.

Landscape Izuma’s sound mesmerizes like a live show where the guy next to you hasn’t

touched his beer in half an hour. It evokes the cool air of an autumn morning when you

slightly open the window, your smoke-like breath in the cold, and a turntable rotating behind

you. Landscape Izuma: not currying favor, not meaningless intimacy, not artificial

emotionality, just stories about life.


1. The Lake Is The Ocean

2. The Accent`s On The Offbeat

3. Places And Moments

4. Palindrom

5. 11502Anywhere

6. Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

7. Rough Sheets

8. Firlefanz

9. Buffer

10. Hand

Landscape Izuma - Kolorit - CD

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