• Haruomi Hosono - Hosono House - LP

Legendary album by japanese musician Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra), remastered from the original analog master tapes.

Released soon after Happy End's break up in 1973, Hosono House is an intimate slice of Japanese Americana with a back-to-basics approach akin to Music from Brig Pink or Paul McCartney. While his former band explored urban themes and city life, Hosno took a 180-degree turn towards the countryside for this home-recorded album. Located an hour from Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, the actual Hosono house was one of several American-style homes built for families of troops stationed at the nearby U.S. Johnson Air Base. With rooms filled with recording gear, the house became a live-in studio for Hosono and his crack band. From the hushed acoustic folk of "Rock-A-Bye My Baby" and the country twang of "Boku Wa Chotto" to the New Orleans funk of "Fuyu Goe" and the unexpected breakbeats in "Bara To Yajuu," the album offers an early taste of Hosono's celebrated career to come.

First ever release outside of Japan

Tranlated liner notes and lyrics

Additional photos by Mike Nogami

Haruomi Hosono - Hosono House - LP

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