• Killed By 9V Batteries - The Crux - CD

Formed in the provincial town of Weiz, in southern Austria, these boys started out when they barely had reached their teens. At first they only wanted to record a soundtrack for a short film their singer, guitarist and principal songwriter Wolfgang had shot, but then they realised, that Thurston Moore is way cooler than Jim Jarmusch, so they stuck with the music. Guitars piling up upon each other and sticking out to every imaginable direction, in a way, making Dionsaur jr. look pretty senior and dropping hooklines at a rate that making Lou Barlow and Bob Pollard run for their 4 tracks desperately trying to keep up. Rumour has it the boys have recorded more than 200 songs in the past years. They are now embarking on a journey throughout every little chicken shed in the universe filled with good mannered indie heads and bad mannered rock geeks to tear everything apart that comes their way! Feeding all those nerds crowding the planet, still hungry for the sound of old DISCHORD and AmRep outfits, spiced up with a knack for the contemporary. KILLED BY 9V BATTERIES are gonna release their 3rd full length album on SILUH. So beware all you eyeliner clones filling the venues everywhere with your fake “emo”tions worn on your sleeves, here come KILLED BY 9V BATTERIES. So if you feel alike, put on your amour, hit the streets and show the next hype-band where to shove it. This is our time! Reclaim it! Throw your limps around to the skystorming sound of the BATTS!


01 Need More New Wrecks (I Hate the Sun – The Song)

02 Worst Of Total Anarchy

03 I’ll Never Be On Time Again

04 Track To The Crux

05 Impulse Control

06 The Wrong Lust Costs Some Past

07 Stalk And Joyride

08 All The People Bite Their Tongues Off

09 The Crux

10 Could Not Find A Disease To Fight

11 Don’t Feel Groovey

12 Set Something On Fire

Killed By 9V Batteries - The Crux - CD

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