• Mile Me Deaf - Eerie Bits of Future Trips - CD

"This fourth album finds Möstl working with a pile of electric guitars, synths and tape recorders, slathering fast and fuzzy tunes with collages of faraway vocals and animal noises. The squealing, over-driven riffs of ‘Off The Core’ and ‘Seekers’ easily transcend their home-fashioned origins, carrying the casually devastating thrills that My Bloody Valentine once wrung out with ease. With nods to early Mac DeMarco (‘Extended Fraud’) and the woozy imagination of Stephen Malkmus (‘Living In A Shrinking Hell’), there’s plenty for fans of inventive lo-fi to dig into." (NME)

CD comes in cardboard sleeve

1. Digital Memory File

2. Extended Fraud

3. Capable Ride

4. Living in a Shrinking Hell

5. Trips

6. Off The Core

7. Seekers

8. Pose and Move

10. Headnote#1

Cover by burnbjoern

Mile Me Deaf - Eerie Bits of Future Trips - CD

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