• Mark Reeder	- Mauerstadt -2LP

Mark Reeder is a key figure in the post-punk movement. He worked with/for Joy Division, Malaria, Nick Cave. In the 90ties he founded the label MFS. For the film B-Movie, he put together a powerful movie about Berlin in the 1980s.

This compilation shows the wide range of sounds in his Reeder's world. From techno to electro, DIY and post-punk. Website


A1 –Mark Reeder With The KVB In Sight 6:34

A2 –Mark Reeder With MFU Mmm Mmm Mmm Ahhh (Umm & Arrggh Remix) 6:06

A3 –Mark Reeder With Queen Of Hearts (2) United (Bonded By Sadness Mix) 8:43

B1 –New Order Academic (Mark Reeder's Akademix) 7:22

B2 –Mark Reeder With Ekkoes Electricity (Power Surge Mix) 5:45

B3 –Inspiral Carpets You're So Good For Me (Mark Reeder's Like A Tonic Remix) 3:33

C1 –Mark Reeder With Ekkoes Heartbeat (Heart Throb Mix) 5:23

C2 –Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro* Broken Hearts 8:18

C3 –Mark Reeder With Queen Of Hearts (2) Suicide (Killer Queen Mix) 4:03

D1 –Mark Reeder Mauerstadt (RIAS Mix) 3:02

D2 –Mark Reeder Giant Mushrooms (Radioactive Fall-Out Mix) 3:42

D3 –Mark Reeder & Maja Pierro* If You Love Me Tonight (Mark Reeder Will Love You Tomorrow Remix) 6:05

D4 –New Order The Game (Mark Reeder Spielt Auch Mit Version) 4:39

Mark Reeder - Mauerstadt -2LP

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