• Wealth - Primer - LP

Wealth is the project of Michael Lahner (Synths) and Manuel Riegler (Drums, Synths). Their debut release »PRIMER« merges various electronic music genres in a highly organic mix. The soft dispersing pulses of the synths shape transcient atmospheres, reminding of early IDM or an evanacing Afterhour-Techno: globular beats and warm melodic sketches intertwine in airy polyrhythms. The precise interaction of the duo evokes an surreal play, oscillating between soundtrack and post-rave, synaesthetic soundscapes and braindance. Like floating through a translucid highway-tunnel, on your way through sci-fi-wastelands, looking at flatland flashing by, while a techno-party is fading out on the horizon. Wealth draw sketches of shadow-islands: epic, immersive and danceable at times.

Wealth - Primer - LP

  • 18.00€

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