• Mme Psychosis - BSV - Tape

Enigmatic stories, trippy sounds, words, and voices in the role of instruments turn BSV into an album of the kaleidoscope kind, serene and yet tumultuous, minimalist and tender yet capable of eerily creeping up on explosions in bizarre and raw power. At all times rich in imagery, MP’s tracks dally over the most diverse forms; they feast on hypothermic synth-wave sounds or the light-footed effortlessness of pop on one hand, just as much as on bleakly radiating urgencies at the nightclub, the inescapable hypnotics of tribal stomps and arabesque-like overtones or the stark eccentricity of film noir’s silhouettes on the other. Under this vast and iridescent panoply of influences MP never loses thread, instead, dexterously navigates the listeners just like somnambulates through BSV’s vibrating space and tantalizing phantasmagoric depths, with a compass needle’s feverish determination. …tell you: it ’s all about magnetism.

Mme Psychosis - BSV - Tape

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