• Good Cop - World Piss - LP

Heads up, Handshakers & Lawmakers of the world, cause Good Cop got a little something for you! After a debut cassette on Eternal Laser in 2015 and an inspiring shapeshift in 2018 (member-, not spiritwise!), they now come up with another wicked full-length vital spark of agitprop in return for all those empty shell principles traded by you in multiples while sounding like a travelling shit-salesmen with a mouthful of sample items. Here ’s to you, Shark Eyes, a decent load of excrement merriment, deeply rooted in garagey sediment – devotedly packed in ingeniously fresh and cheeky punk album: WORLD PISS! Jangly, catchy, snotty, dreamy… you name it, Good Cop got it. Snap! Regnat poopulus!

Good Cop - World Piss - LP

  • Labels Cut Surface
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