• Lady Lynch - s/t - LP

Somber and perfectly moody, Lady Lynch joyfully feed the „dis-“ to „harmony“. Put the punk into poetry’s punctuation. And they love symbols, questioning and musing. By offering a dark blend of sharp minimalism, highly slick sense of timing and well nuanced repetition far-flung from monotony, Lady Lynch contrive enticing sonic scenarios of doom & gloom. Time becomes a black vortex.

A white blaze in the dark. So distant. So close. Falling into place: LADY LYNCH’s first vinyl LP. LADY LYNCH is every-thing and collective. From Girls Rock Camp to Wilhelm Show Me The Major Label, to Crystal Soda Cream, to fine arts. Back to the early 80s, to Lydia Koch aka Lunch and David Lynch, to the bollocksed Bowery area. To druggy and grey Berlin around Blixa, Gudrun and Nick during the time of the wall, to rural phoniness – in the northwestern U.S., in Styria or elsewhere.


Lady Lynch - s/t - LP

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